Hi all,

I'm back now in the UK and on list. I meant to post the following before 
my short sojourn in France:

Benct Philip Jonsson wrote:
> R A Brown skrev:
>> _australis_ "southern" is a perfectly good Latin adjective. But if 
>> this were a properly formed Latin compound, it would be 
>> 'Australipithecus' "southern ape".
>> Sigh.
> "Notiopithecus" had not only been perfect Greek, it had also
> precluded the notion that the critter lived in Australia!

One would think the epithet 'africanus' would, er,  a sort of gives away 
its habitat.

But I recall that a young foreign language student, who lodged with us 
in south Wales for two years, was often assumed to have hailed from 
Australia - despite her Austrian accent!!! So I guess you have a point.

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