Our Pediatric residency director is looking to modify the number of hours 
our peds residents work in the ED during their dedicated ED month.  We are 
hoping to get a sense as to what other programs require from their peds 
residents in terms of number of hours in the ED during their ED rotations 
prior to any modification.  (Currently our residents work about 18 ten 
hour shifts over the course of a month.)

For those of you affiliated with pediatric residency programs........
1)How many residents per month usually rotate through your ED?
2)How many shifts do the residents usually work each month?
3)What is the duration of the residents' shifts?
4)What is the estimated annual ED volume at your institution?

Thanks in advance for the replies.  Feel free to respond directly to me 
and I can summate for the group.


Joel M. Clingenpeel, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters
Norfolk, VA

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