(re: last post - T4 translation)
Oops - forgot to post the pronunciation. It's mostly quite
straightforward though! I can't remember/find out how
to do a diphthong in CXS - apologies - so I've used a
close-parenthesis ')' after the two vowels to show a falling
diphthong ('bay' = [bei)]).

Ca carn pce / lzi rei zane pacun renis.
[ca carEn pece 1ls`i rei) s`ane: pacun renis]

Cele cte / rirle cei scra cei zonl,
[cele ci:te rirle cei) sec1:ra cei) s`on8l]

iz lz cei t-urer sehyoi, / tei k pec senta.
[is` 1ls`i cei) turer sehEjoi) tei) ka pecE senta]

The acute and grave accents indicate pitch accent,
rather than a change in vowel length or quality. I
haven't worked out the pitch accent system yet
though! :P