On Oct 19, 2005, at 1:16 PM, tomhchappell wrote:
> BTW I understand that *here* Jewish families are not allowed to name
> their children after living relatives.
> (I propose such a limitation in my conlang, if I ever get it off the
> ground.)

Only some Jewish cultures (mostly Ashkenazic) have this custom, and 
it's just a strong custom/superstition, not a rule enshrined in 
religious law or anything like that.  Other Jewish cultures specificly 
name after living relatives.

> A Jewish father I spoke with said, in addition, they /must/ name
> their children after a /deceased/ relative -- but simply using the
> same first letter can count as "named after".
> (This requirement seems a little too much for me.)

Never heard of that.  It's definitely very common, and some families 
and cultural groups have very strong customs about the order in which 
ancestors' names are given to children, but its not a legal obligation 
of any kind, as far as i've ever heard.

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