Henrik Theiling wrote:
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> >  
> > I know German's Western, but I don't know how they say a 
> > "sick" building.
> 'krankes Haus' vs. 'Krankenhaus'.  However, in some situations, 
> you get the same form due to case endings on the adjective:
>  in einem Krankenhaus    ['kRaNkN=,haUs]
>  in einem kranken Haus   [,kRaNkN='haUs]
> The stress pattern is different.  You could even eliminate this by
> forcing emphasis on 'krank' (Like in: ' a sick house.  
> In a brick house?  No, in a *sick* house.'  You'd also get
> ['kRaNkN=,haUs] then.)

This happens in English as well. Compare

1. Some black bird built a nest in my front tree.

2. Some blackbird built a nest in my front tree.

In the first sentence, the stress is on "bird," while in the
second, the stress is on "black."

--Ph. D.