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> This thread seems to have migrated far from Conlangs and seems mainly to
> be (a) arguing about the definition of idiom, and (b) finding as many
> _English_ "idioms" as possible - rather reminiscent of the YAEDT which
> occur with regular frequency.
> In fact, there seems to have been a dearth of stuff about Conlangs
> recently. In any case, we engelangers are not going to be able to
> contribute much, it seems to me    ;)

I suppose it's up to us artlangers, then. :)

Here's a Meghean idiom: _techreuth rhu˝co_ , lit. "he/she has lost (his/her)
feet", meaning that is this someone procastrinates. The idea, of course, is
that if you've lost your feet, you can literally not get going.

(Bonus points to anyone who remembers how to pronunce it without checking the
(out-of-date) description on my homepage!)