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>Can any of you give us near-equivalent ConLang expressions, like 
>Charlie did for Senjecan?  That's the kind of thing I was after.  I 
>hoped it would be fun.  Since nothing I have is more than a 
>sketchlang so far, I'd have to improve something to do so myself.

As I have said before, creating vocabulary is the most interesting 
part of conlanging to me.  I have come across a few words in the 
dictionary which may be of interest.  I like using compound words to 
express nuances of a basic word.  These words all use "bear," as in 
ursus, as the modifier.

rlcin; ren, bear, + lcin, hungry = ravenous

rpltin; ren, bear, + pltin, wide = huge, enormous

rmvin; ren, bear, + mvin, toothed = grumpy

 = dz); c = k.


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