Emaelivpeith Henrik Theiling:
> I'm a bit puzzled about your answer (i) here: I admit to be a bit
> behind cutting edge Linux and LaTeX technology as my normal system is
> some four years old, but is it the case that LaTeX can use Truetype
> and/or Unicode fonts these days and that it reads the input in
> e.g. UTF-8?

T'ves emaelivpeith [log in to unmask]:
> Owing to the popularity of [La]TeX, I'm sure there are tools convert
> truetypes to the TeX format.

I know I've used them before, but I can't find the FAQ I used as
instructions back when I last did it. I know it is possible, though.

As for Unicode, I misread And's original (ii) as requesting Unicode
*characters*, no *fonts*. Like veritosproject, I suspect there must be
a way to use Unicode fontns, but I haven't done it myself. What I was
thinking of was that any Unicode characters you might want to write,
LaTeX can do.

Sorry for the confusion!


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