Senjecan is, to a large extent, a language based on verbs.  However, 
the inflection of verbs is minimal, resulting in very simple verb 

Nouns are the parts of speech that show the greatest elaboration.  
Prefixes from all the other parts of speech are permitted on root 
nouns.  One category of nouns is those based on the root _dmon_ 
from the verbnoun _dma_ build.  -on tells us that it is a concrete 
noun related to the stem.  It means building.  Please don't 
think "skyscraper."  It can be any type of building that humans (or 
other intelligent beings) construct.

I have found the following nouns in the dictionary:

cntdmon > cnta, assemble = assembly hall, meeting house.
coldmon > cla, imprison = prison.
cddmon > cda, cast, found = foundry.
crdmon > cra, buy, purchase = store.  I had to make a 
decision here.  Was a store a place for buying or selling?
edmon > da, eat = restaurant.
tengooldmon > etnon, grain & gla, store = granary.
gooldmon > gla, store, garner = warehouse.
lmuuldmon > lon, glass & mla, plant = greenhouse.
jeexdmon > jca, heal = hospital.  Another decision here: was a 
hospital a place to be sick or a place to be healed?
lddmon > lda, perform, act = theater.
liiqdmon > lga, model, throw = pottery.
mndmon > mna, learn = school.  Another decision here: was a 
school a place for teaching or for learning?
miildmon > mla, grind, mill = mill.
admon > a, pledge, guarantee = pawnshop.
nendmon > non, corpse & na, burn = crematory.
psddmon > psda, mint = mint.
poojdmon > pja, drink = tavern.
qoordmon > qra, tower up = tower.
cdmon > ca, defecate = latrine, outhouse.
vrdmon > vra, saw = sawmill.
vidmon > va, cooper = cooperage.
vosdmon > vsa, train naked, practice gymnastics = gymnasium.

There are strict rules in the formation of compounds in Senjecan & 
these compounds are no exception.  These nouns all denote buildings 
wherein the action of the verb takes place, "building for 
assembling, building for imprisoning, etc."