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When leave the "Abfrage" (Query) dialogue empty, MySQL will print out
all data that is stored in the database, as shown in ./problem_1.jpg. In
my case at least, where there is supposed to be IPA, there are only
questionmarks printed out.

Not the case here. Example from my run:

Momentan insgesamt 17 Einträge in der Datenbank gespeichert.

#12, -ang /ɑŋ/ article (animate, suffix): the
mehirang the tree

Marks the 'agent' θ-role on a noun.

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I'm using MySQL 4.1.9 and PHP 5.0.3 on Linux with Apache 2.0.53 (via mod_php).

I assume you don't normally have trouble displaying Unicode in your browser, so my iniitial guess is that your PHP engine is not outputting a Content-TYpe: header including the charset=utf8 part.  I'd check that first.

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