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>How would a population being immortal, or at least very long-lived,
>affect the way that their language evolves?

In my Senjecan conculture there are six races of loquent beings.  
The first (in order of creation) is immortal.  The second & the 
third are long-lived.  The fourth is immortal, unless actually 
killed; they are not subject to disease.  The fifth (the humans) you 
know about.  The sixth is also long-lived.

Senjecan purports to be the original language.  According to the 
myth, there was a "fall from grace" which resulted in a 
proliferation of languages accompanied by the usual evolution of 
languages with which we are all familiar.  However, the original 
Senjecan is still spoken by the first race and has developed an aura 
of the sacred. Compounds and borrowings are used to express new 
experiences.  And, although vocabulary increases, the original 
grammar is still used and unmodified.

I have not yet investigated how the original Senjecan evolved into 
PIE nor what dialect developed in the other loquent races.