Sai Emrys wrote at 2005-12-23 17:04:49 (-0800) 
 > I'm looking through the 2004 threads about the Conlang flag design,
 > and getting a bit lost.
 > Could someone point me to what the major candidates were? Is there a
 > side-by-side comparison page?

There _was_, at
It's not there any more.  The comparisons page and voting were handled
by Adrian Morgan, you could ask him if he kept copies of the designs
(you should be able to get his address out of the archives).
Otherwise, a number of the candidates can still be seen via the links
in the mails in which they were proposed.

 > I'm considering getting an actual fabric-on-a-stick flag made (yay for
 > ASUC financing). I like the Babel-tower-on-sun design that AFAIK is
 > the consensus one, just wanted to see what the others were. Is there
 > somewhere I can get a high-res version of them?
 > Whose permission do I need to do this? (The flag is, presumably,
 > somebody's copyright...) 

The first Babel-on-sun flag was designed by Leland Paul, entered

In the final version the shape of the tower is based on a design by
Jan van Steenbergen, first appearing here (#4):

The final version is this one by Christian Thalmann:

The fact that this design was produced through a process of people
taking each other's ideas and modifying them suggests to me that the
design is supposed to be in the public domain (I don't recall any
specific license ever being mentioned).  But it couldn't hurt to check
with the original designers.

taliesin the storyteller wrote at 2005-12-24 15:26:49 (+0100) 
 > What we need is having the flag defined in a vector-format like
 > svg.  Then it can easily be rescaled to any size we were to need. I
 > tried doing such a thing (attached) but it could be better as my
 > inkscape-fu is sorely lacking.

I started doing that too!  I think I could have got it looking pretty
good, too, but actually it should be possible to do this
automatically.  I'll see if I can accomplish anything...