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> A while ago on the ZBB and on the conlang list we had a discussion about  
> person marking on nouns, since I'd incorporated it into my conlang at  
> the time (which I'm doing a bit of work on at the moment). At the time I  
> had difficulty citing a clear example of a natlang that had such marking.

Elamite clearly had distinct, obligatory person/gender marking on nouns:

1st -k
2nd -t
3rd Anim Sg -r
3rd Anim Pl -p
3rd Inanim -me (where the basic meaning of the root is naturally animate  
e.g. king > kingdom)
3rd Inanim -0 (otherwise)

These are distinct from the markers on verbs:

1 sg -h pl -hu
2 sg -t pl -ht
3 sg -S pl -hS

(where |S| is s-caron)

I know I've mentioned this in the past. I'm sorry if I missed your  
particular thread. I do try to read everything on this list, but I'm not a  
ZBB member.