Jim Henry wrote:
> Roger Mills wrote:
> > Charlie wrote:
> >
> > > My source for senjecan vocabulary does not have a word for "bell," as
> > > in "ding=dong."  Does anyone have a compound word for "bell" in his
> > > conlang?  For that matter, how do your conlangs say, "ding-dong"?
> > >
> > Kash is based on onomatopoeia--
> Similarly in gj-zym-byn;
> niqnx ( /nIN/ ) "ringing"
> It seems we all have consonant +
> vowel + /N/.

Since western style bells, at least, make a clear and percussive sound, it 
figures that stops, especially, are used (ping, (td)ing(- aling), ring, 
tinkle; clang). I wonder what Japanese, for ex., has for the sound of their 
bells (the few I've heard, e.g. the big peace bell in Hiroshima that shows 
up on TV on Aug.6)-- which seems a more "rattling" sort of sound-- different 
alloy? casting technique ~thickness ~shape? overtones?

Indonesian must have words for the various sounds of their gongs (which are 
usually tuned to a scale and produce a clear sound).  Unlike the Chinese 
"gong" that more resembles a cymbal. Very curious...:-)))
> On 12/22/05, Scotto Hlad <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > From my perspective, I am curious how others have handled the question 
> > of
> > onomatopoeia in their conlangs in general.
> I have a few other onomatopoeic words
> in gzb:
> hqaxnq /G&~/ "to yell, roar, bleat"
> vxaxw /bv)aU/  "dog"
> raxm /4@m/ "cat"
> zum /zum/ "cricket"
> I haven't really worked out consistent
> principles for onomatopoeia, though.

I haven't really, either-- some of my Kash words seem rather obvious (or 
could it be, universal :-) ?)...

krak breaking
krek cracking, crackling
kru [kruN] growling
tam drumming
tap snapping
tip light tapping
trip drip
pum loud sharp noise-- explosion, gunshot, thunderclap

Others maybe less so--
e [SEN] cymbal
usu rustling
cek lightningbolt
sit scratching
tis tickling
tup bouncing (>tupatp a humorous word for sex.intercourse)
fup fart
pom gong
prup bubbling (when pouring, also rumbling in the stomach)
nip oops! (when slipping)

And a few animal sounds--
cik, cek, cak, cok, cuk the chirping sounds made by various "lizards"
ee bleat
aw(uo) ['Ja(uo)N] like a "meow"
ar roar