Richard MAHONEY wrote:

>Still, so far I've been unable to find a source distribution of TEI
>Emacs that can be placed on a Solaris (or for that matter, *BSD) system
>through a simple configure, compile and install. Is such a distribution
Not directly. It would obviously be easy enough with a little work.
If I had to do it, I think I'd get a virgin emacs compiled and working,
then copy things from a running Debian system. The zip file
for  Windows on the web site goes most of the way, you could
probably adapt that (possibly just the directory in which you unpack it).

I wish I had time to do some serious work on packaging
tei-emacs for systems other than Debian; but as some people
already know, it isn't even right on there!

Alternatively, install Debian on your Sun box........

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