I have a language project that I recently created a
website for. The name of the language is Dunia Patwa
(I like the term Creolian in English, though), and the
site is:

It's basically in line with the idea of a "neolang",
and has gotten a lot of help from the Mulivo project
(, that I'm involved with, as
well as the LangX project ( that
Antony Alexander organizes. The closeness of the name
to Dunia Bahasa is partly coincidental, because the
name simply derives from the word for "world," but
there are also some influences from Dunia and from
Ceqli as well as (probably) Toki Pona, Unish and

In any case, it's an attempt at a more international
IAL, and although the website is fairly disorganized,
I'd be happy to hear comments or criticisms. 

-Jens Wilkinson

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