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> Jens Wilkinson wrote:
> > but people seem pretty good at parsing things).
> English as a second language students do not
> understand fast spoken English.

Well, some of that may be due to problems in parsing,
but there are a lot of other issues involved. For
example, people learning a second language don't
remember all the vocabulary, and it may take them a
few seconds (too long in this case) to remember what
that word meant. And they may not understand the
idioms used. And they might get thrown by
contractions, or for example by the way Americans turn
double letters into a glottal stop. When I first
started studying Mandarin I was totally hopeless, as I
couldn't even make out the differences between sounds.
At this point I've moved to a slightly higher plane of
hopelessness, because I can generally make out the
individual sounds but have trouble remembering what
words mean. I guess that parsing is another issue
along that plane, but it's definitely not the only

-Jens Wilkinson

Jens Wilkinson
Lingua Guild, Inc., Musashi-no-Kuni, Japan

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