Peter Bleackley wrote:
> staving Roger Mills:
> >Then there's the little-used "symphonette" (I can think of only one
> >offhand)...,

>Interestingly enough, the only use I've heard of "symphonette" before is

> "My story's infinite,
> Like a Longines symphonette,
> It doesn't rest..."
> from "Birdhouse in your Soul" by They Might be Giants
That's the one!! (possibly the only one :)) )  In case no-one else is 
familiar, Longines manufactured watches. One used to hear their Symphonette 
on the radio in pre-TV days, they played "light classics" and show tunes.

In the 60s/70s the Firesign Theatre may have referred to it (or perhaps an 
invented Symphonette, I haven't heard this album in years) in one of their 
offhand little bits, spoken so quickly that the silliness didn't immediately 
hit you---

(quote)..."performed by the ......Symphonette and the St. Louis Aquarium