Hello again everyone.

I am in fact organizing that symposium I mentioned briefly earlier.

In brief, it will be a symposium / conference about language
construction. I will probably be going for a 'traditional' format -
i.e. speakers on various topics, possibly some panel or open
discussions, food breaks, etc.

The range of topics will be anything directly related to language
design & creation, and created languages. For example: sociological
issues about conlangers; how to spread a conlang; creating new
vocabulary in a 'good' way (fill in what that means); creating
linguistically-interesting languages to test or demonstrate some
theorie(s); creating unusual languages (e.g. signed or written mode
only); philosophical perspectives; etc.

There are only two restrictions: it has to be related to conlanging
(or adapted to fit the forum - eg to reuse a talk originally given to
linguists or sociologists or Xists), and no proselytizing (i.e. no
teaching of any *particular* language except for using it as an
example of how to [not?] do X [like make a auxlang, or a women's lang,
or whatever else of general interest]).

Aside from that no-proselytization part, I do not see any particular
need to discriminate against auxlangers.

The conference will be held (most likely) somewhere around April /
May, at UC Berkeley campus.

It is likely that I will have some funding available for event costs -
and possibly even for honoraria (i.e. to pay someone to come out
here). I don't know yet how much that would be, but if that's a
significant consideration for you (and you think you have something
cool to talk about), let me know.

So, what does this mean for you?

First: Would you like to be a speaker? Think you have an interesting
topic to talk about? Know someone who does? TELL ME! I'm definitely
open to suggestions. (And FWIW they need not be strictly from any
particular perspective - e.g. if your 'thing' is linguistics, or
computers, or sociology, or cog psych... as long as it would be of
interest to attendees, have at it.)

Second: Do you have suggestions for the conference? Anything from
pragmatics of running the thing (I'll have some help from the Office
of Student Life people, but nevertheless I've not done this before),
to whom to invite, to what to talk about, to what format to use, to
when to hold it... whatever to help it be a worthwhile (and attended)
event, let me know.

Third: Come! I'll post more info as it becomes available, but if
you're definitely interested, tell me and I'll ensure that you get the
information. Anyone interested in conlanging for whatever reason is
welcome to attend.

Lastly: Tell others! Not everyone reads this forum, and I know there
are plenty of 'closeted' conlangers out there, some of whom you know.
So, spread the word. This isn't (alas) a topic that has a ready avenue
for advertising, given that it's still somewhat taboo for academics to
take seriously and etc... Feel free to copy this email to any forum
you like. (Just please send me a link to your posting when you do.)

That's all for now.

See you in a few months!

 - Sai