Julia Simon wrote:

> AFAIK they *have* to accept them. These coins are legal
> tender in the
> Euro zone, after all...

In fact, I exaggerated (see below). It's not that small
coins would be refused as long as you spend them only in
small amounts.

> There are probably some sort of rules, though: something
> along the
> lines of "shops may refuse to accept payment of sums
> exceeding 1 EUR
> in one-cent coins, exceeding 2 EUR in two-cent coins,
> ..."; or maybe
> simply "shops may refuse to accept amounts of coins
> exceeding 100 as
> payment for any single purchase". I'm pretty sure I
> remember rules of
> this kind from pre-Euro Germany; I don't know how binding
> they were,
> though (AFAIR they weren't part of an actual law, but I
> may be wrong
> about this), and of course I don't remember any actual
> numbers.

Of course it's not nice when you pay, say, even 20 cents all
in one cent pieces ... On the other hand, I don't
necessarily think about which change I get back and how to
get rid of all those small coins. I should better shut up
and think while writing ... (I nevertheless wouldn't mind
abolishing one and two cent pieces -- they're of no worth
and coffee machines don't take them). But please let's dig
that dog (is there a similar idiom existing? If not, I'd
take it for Ayeri ;-))

ObConlang: I have also spent a bit of time on conlanging
during the last week.

Sorry for my big-mouthedness,