David G. Durand wrote:

> I was reading this thread out of interest, and now I'm feeling some
> annoyance, because both Jefferson and Sai are flaming, and not
> attempting to understand the other person's point of view.

I joined this list in the hope that I would find help with my own 
conlang project and find a community with whom I could discuss 
things of mutual interest.  Since joining this this list I have 
received no help, little support, and found no mutual interests. 
  Now my attempts to present a workable definition in the hopes 
that someone will correct my understanding are described as 
flames.  In the current discussion I have been insulted and 
belittled and responded politely, but with understandable 

That is enough.  This list ranks well up in the top 10 
unfriendliest lists I have ever tried to participate in, and I am 

Good Bye.