On Mon, 30 Jan 2006, Daniel ODowd wrote:
> Alectú tonrouxmudate! Semnaami keízaan Dan O'Dowd, pú bataír'aami
dóðlinkanaúx Kenraí, geckle þer'enin pradyval keízabaí. Posaamidtö podonc
Kenraícin aglar'e, alkta gralooðínúlçabaí, igzokanaúx kopr'acedtúlça
çeíðïbaí. Haanecooðínöt tec Kenraí gugym ‘IF’, pú ar’ana ooðínöt
‘conditional tense’-bipharópe keízate zacla. Levecoplaart pradyvalapeï
Kenraí; megcí haanecöt jaftelbidr’ilaxovr’atulin gugymðax, pú amnak
‘Aðadtaúx Ðaknete Corníaan Eshizlet Þileï’; eshöt ‘How to Tell if You’re a
Sornian’, pú ceðyrvar’anaami kokar’eví ‘Búsna Elzaven’in nenmet.
>   Greetings to everybody! I'm Dan O'Dowd, and I'm writing to promote
Kenraí, my first conlang. I've attached below the Kenraí grammar, despite it
not being complete, in order to further understanding for everyone. In
Kenraí, there is no conditional mood or word for if, which is interesting
IMO. I'm quite happy with Kenraí, which already has a 1300+ word vocabulary,
a Sornian culture test, and an ongoing translation of an episode of
Coronation Street.
>   Any comments, questions, criticisms or ephemera on this subject would be
gratefully received. If you want the pronunciations of my words then I can
give this as well; but i warn you-I am not yet familiar with IPA conventions
in full, so have my own ways of describing some sounds lol. I have other
constructed languages to divulge, but being as how they are woefully
incomplete, I will wait until they are further along. I will say that I'm
working on an entirely agglutinative (entirely!) language with one vowel
(one!!), a language for lizards without lips, and a language for time
travelling hedgehogs who pride themselves on being modelled on Ancient Greek
civilisation. Thanks for your time.

  The Grammar of Kenraí-The Language of Sornia

[big snip]

Greetings, Dan!

Pretty impressive to get most of a grammar in one
message! :-)

I'm also pleased to see a conlang with a generous
catalogue of phonemes, just for a change of pace
from all those elegant, minimalist creations I've
been looking at recently.  Should make for an
expressive language, maybe even a poetic one.

Yes, I'd be interested to know a bit more about
your intended pronunciations.  You might try using
CXS, perhaps?


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