Clean yer bike.

During the warmer months I clean at least one bike every time I wash my car.

Knock off the grunge, get some fresh lube on the moving bits.  A clean bike runs much more smoothly and efficiently.

My last shop gig offered a bike wash option.  It was OK in the summer but miserable in the winter.  We charged $15.00 in addition to the tune up.

Working on dirty bikes is nasty.  I am amazed at how few people wash their bikes.

Go to a wand style carwash and knock off the grunge.  Flush the chain with Lube (Geoff has some good suggestions) and enjoy.  Repeat every few weeks.


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Subject:  Re: [BIKE-TO-BROWN] Prov Cycle and Tuning up
Date:  Mon, 6 Feb 2006 10:15:54 -0500
>A tune up is more of a get everything working properly.  Cleaning the
>drivetrain to a shop mechanic (and to most) involves a significant
>amount more labor, and may or may not impact the performance of the
>Call the shops and ask if they have a drive train cleaning option as
>part of the Tune up.  I've only mananged to make it in to The Hub in
>terms of bike shops around here, and i'm not sure how they deal with
>the drive train cleaning issue.
>It may or may not be appropriate to ask them to clean your bike for
>you, it would be kinda like taking your car to the local garage and
>asking them to detail the car/engine for you.  The service may or may
>not have any impact on the perfomance/workings of the bike.  I would,
>like i said, ask if they have a rate for cleaning the drivetrain.
>On 2/6/06, Laverty, Patrick <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > My chain and gears are pretty grungy from last year and a ride I took
> > the other day.  Is that appropriate for me to ask the bike shop to clean
> > all that up?  I don't expect them to clean the whole bike, I'm just
> > thinking clean and grease the chain and gears.
> >
> > I ask because a few years ago, I brought my bike there for a "tuneup"
> > and I thought they'd clean all that out, but when I got the bike back,
> > all the dirt and sand was still there.  Which made me wonder, what is a
> > tuneup anyway?
> >
> >
> > Patrick
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