> > Graeca sine flexione, now that's a language that needs to be made!
>On the same subject, how about Finnish without agglutination?  (John,
>this is where you come in.)

Okay, is fusionality allowed (giving something Estonian-like), or are you 
talking full-scale isolating? 'Coz the latter would turn into either 
oligosynthesis or some sort of a rural pidgin. I can't really see a way to 
express, for example, all of { kirja, kirjo, kirje, kirjoa, kirjasto, 
kirjailija, kirjallisuus, kirjoittaa, kirjava, kirjain, kirjuri, kirjoitin } 
isolatingly with sensible effort while still sticking with Finnish roots 
only. The corresponding English words are { book, spectrum, letter, 
embroider, library, author, literature, write, colorful, glyph, scribe, 
printer } : One root versus about a dozen.

Not that there's anything wrong with oligosynthesis or rural pidgins.

Alternatively, one could sack a whole load of Finno-Ugric languages plus 
their history for a wider base of roots.

John Vertical

(PS. I can't be the only Finnish person on the list, can I? Julia probably 
doesn't count, but I don't remember off the top off my head if Markus's L1 
were Finnish or Swedish. Also, lurkers.)