Oh boy, translations!!

> I suggest a translation challenge for maybe a selection of those
> work-oriented slogans. I'd like to invite you to translate the following
> into your conlangs:
> Discover life. (I don't know whether this was originally work-oriented,
> but it seems like the kind of nonsense some managerial type might thing
> makes for more productive workers)

The context seemed to be religious, but...
Kash: tromatka angayi (discover-IMP life [=nomlz.a˝- +kayi 'live; alive')

> None of us is a strong as all of us. (Based on the original, I'd suggest a
> more or less culturally suitable thematic translation rather that a tight
> word-for-word attempt)

kaš mesamim ta kuwa šarekni alo yunomim
person not equal strong-his from(=than/as)

> I don't know, I only work here.
ta kaya, napo-naponi mepu ritßn
not know, only/just(emph.) work here