By the way, it's so fun to hear translations in other
people's languages!

--- Paul Bennett <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I suggest a translation challenge for maybe a
> selection of those  
> work-oriented slogans. I'd like to invite you to
> translate the following  
> into your conlangs:
> Discover life. (I don't know whether this was
> originally work-oriented,  
> but it seems like the kind of nonsense some
> managerial type might thing  
> makes for more productive workers)

In Vemiesiire: 
Xeschai zie mystikea. 
Xeschai zie (IMP: discover you) mystikea (life).
> None of us is a strong as all of us. (Based on the
> original, I'd suggest a  
> more or less culturally suitable thematic
> translation rather that a tight  
> word-for-word attempt)

Lemhe qena kaerne jehn veu kuat veu kiis qena kaerne.
This translates pretty well.... 
None of us/we "to be" as strong as all of us/we.  
> I don't know, I only work here. (If you don't use
> this at least once a  
> day, you're not trying hard enough)

Dela humani lem, la (dielom) rhuhe qianh (dielom).
I know not, I (only) work here (only) .. word order is
> Feel free to add your own cliches to the list...
> Paul

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