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> I suggest a translation challenge for maybe a selection of those
> work-oriented slogans. I'd like to invite you to translate the following
> into your conlangs:
> Discover life. (I don't know whether this was originally work-oriented,

In gzb:

zunq kax-i  tru-zox  mwe.
life ATT-at find-V.ACT IMP

Toki Pona:

o lukin e ali!

(Could also mean "look at everything!")


Letuvolöd lifi!

Le-tuv-ol-öd   lif-i!
AUG-find-2-IMP life-ACC

> None of us is a strong as all of us. (Based on the original, I'd suggest a
> more or less culturally suitable thematic translation rather that a tight
> word-for-word attempt)

In gzb, fairly literal:

kix'hxu-van    saxm-box kq-tq-mq muw-i     max    bax-box
strong-V.STATE same-ADJ 1-2-3    subset-at person zero-ADJ

txe   kq-tq-mq pen miq-i.
COMP  1-2-3    all TOP-at

gzb forms "we" pronouns by  compounding first-person with
second and/or third person pronouns.

Toki Pona:

jan wan li wawa lili.           mi mute ali li wawa mute.
person one VERB strong little.  1P many all VERB strong much.

I'm not sure offhand how to do comparatives in Volapük.

> I don't know, I only work here. (If you don't use this at least once a
> day, you're not trying hard enough)


ce   miq-i  kun-van      henx.  tyn   koq  i  dxurm-zox  zqoqnx.
this TOP-at know-v.STATE not.   place this at work-V.ACT merely

Toki Pona:

mi sona ala.  mi pali taso lon ma ni.
I know not.   I work only at place this.


No sevob.     Vobob te is.
not know-1.  work-1 only here.

Jim Henry