On Sun, 05 Feb 2006 07:37:15 -0500, Mark J. Reed <[log in to unmask]>  

>> Hindi, written (as one might expect) in Devanagari.
> Ooh.  That would have been cool if it had come through.  I'd love to
> have a browser that dealt with all the complications of Devanagari. :)

I use Opera from which has the best Unicode support  
of every browser that I have tried, and I've been through quite a few (it  
does Plane 1 without a single configuration change, for instance). Opera  
is a great program, combining a web browser with clients for email,  
Usenet, IRC and RSS in one application, with a really clean and tidy user  
interface, and all (of course) with the same excellent Unicode support. I  
could ask for a more powerful and general purpose filtering mechanism, but  
it's quite far from a deal breaker, and it does work once you get used to  
it. Oh, it doesn't render Ruby, which may or may not be a deal breaker for  
some people.

Add to it a decent range of fonts from  
and some configuration of font choice within Opera, and you'll be good to  
go. Alan Wood's site is without doubt the very best Unicode resource site  
I have ever found.

Of course, this all presupposes Windows. Linux does crazy and apparently  
random things with fonts and font substitution when dealing with Unicode.  
It's quite spectacularly broken, espectially for something so proud of its  
internationalization and localaization efforts. I can't speak for OSX,  
unfortunately, but I expect Apple to have spent some time getting it more  
or less right.