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Elliott Lash skrev:

> This is my problem as well. My email
> [log in to unmask], is a rather odd one, considering
> it from the silindion perspective. The name "Erelion"
> means "Evening Star", a compound of "el-" (compounding
> form meaning "evening" and "ol-" the root of "olos"
> meaning "star". The -ion is a masculine name ending.
> The only problem of course is that this would result
> in "Erolion", which is the current form of the name.
> But, I can't go about changing my email name now to
> fit this change in the language. I've decided that it
> comes from a more northern version of Silindion, where
> the _o_ of "ol-" has become _e_ by assimilation.

Maybe the northern dialect has i-umlaut! :-)

a > e
e > i
o >  > e
u > y > i

before an /i/ or /j/ in the next syllable...

/BP 8^)>
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