> Take a look at Linux programmers. They have no money
> and no army and yet they can work together for common
> good. The Linux programmers can work together because
> they are rational. Auxlangers cannot work together
> because they have the mindset of religious
> fundamentalists.

The programmers you refer to are a small minority.  

Auxlangers are like everyone else.  Some can and do work together while
others don't.  This is no different from any other part of human

> The philosophical and a-priori auxlangs have not
> gained much popularity because they have fatal flaws: 
> - Lojban's grammar is hard to learn.
> - aUI has very few roots, so most of its compound words
>   are meaningless (much more so than Ygyde compound words),
>   and for that reason they are not easy to remember.
>   It is difficult to distinguish short vowels from
>   long vowels
> - Ro does not have any compound words and yet all its
>   words are a-priori. This means that its vocabulary
>   is difficult to memorize. Vegetable names and numbers
>   sound alike because Ro is a taxonomic auxlang.
> - Sona stinks.

They haven't gained much popularity because very few people have ever
heard of them.   In fact most people haven't heard of Esperanto either

> Elomi and Kali-sise have some serious flaws, but these
> flaws can be fixed. Neither of these two auxlangs is
> as mature as the Special English used by the voice of
> America.

Elomi has only barely been started.  I've been following it and have
really not seen any "flaws".  Any language that is usable can not be
"flawed", as you put it.

> Ygyde is the front runner in the philosophical/a-priori
> group, but it is in constant flux. A year ago spelling
> of its compound words was changed. A month ago all
> geographic names were changed. Ygyde is far too immature
> for mass marketing. What it needs is a small group of
> dedicated, Linux-like voluntaries who will test its
> oligosynthetic foundations and publish test results in
> a linguistic journal.

How many speak it?  How many are currently learning it?  I doubt that
one or two people (at most) makes is a "front runner" for anything.  If
you want to run tests, then go right ahead.  Nobody is stopping you.