> > Hope is one thing, but realistically I wouldn't expect it to go much
> > beyond the groups I mentioned and maybe a few others who may have
> > aspirations of joining those groups.  Just as there is resentment
> > towards many natural languages, I would expect that the adoption of
> > Conlang-X by the U.N. to be viewed by many as "new world 
> order" which to
> > many has negative connotations.
> > 
> As far as I can tell, you are speaking primarily of the 
> American right 
> wing here. The whole "new world order" fear was primarily 
> restricted to 
> this country (because of the idea that such a "new world order" would 
> impact negatively on our status as the Only Remaining 
> Superpower and our 
> consequent ability to give orders and have them obeyed without 
> question). I don't think that this idea has terribly negative 
> connotations for the other 95% of people in the world (and 
> not so much 
> for a large number of those at home).

I wouldn't expect this to just be a fear in America.  Their were, and
still are those that are not happy about the E.U. and its power in

> a.l.a looked pretty moribund the last time I peeked in at it 
> (which was 
> two months or so ago, admittedly). As far as various Yahoo 
> (and Google) 
> groups are concerned, which of these are currently active and have 
> significant numbers of subscribers and posters? (I'm not counting 
> language-specific lists such as the L.F.N. list, the Idolisto, or the 
> roughly 150 Esperanto lists to which I subscribe ...)

Unfortunately is has been pretty slow recently.  I do still check it and
there has been a little activity recently, including a thread about how
to popularize a conlang.  a.s.l has also been a bit slow.

You're right about other lists.  This one and CONLANG seem to be the
busiest.  I do see occasional bursts on the Elomi and Ceqli (Tceqli)
lists too.  The Lojban and Ido groups stay fairly busy though I don't
read many of the posts because my interest in these languages is mainly
just passive.   I've been on some of the other lists for group projects
like Kalim, Dunia Bahasa, etc. for a while but interest seems to have
died out.