Hi all,

We have added several minor upgrades and numerous small fixes 
to our latest release of the open source version of PhiloLogic (3.002):
  General site:

Of possible interest to the TEI is a new search operator, Mark's
famous "ButtKnot" ;-), and ajax enabled note handler for hyperlinked 
notes.  We also have an experimenatal GUI loader for Macintosh.   
Several additional developments potentially deleterious to the 
gastric health of TEI lifers are listed below -- with fair warning.

BUTNOT:  A word vector filter which subtracts a secondary
pattern from a primary pattern, e.g. "christ* BUTNOT christm*" 
(no quotes in searches) -- or in concise notation "christ*|-christm*" -- 
to filter forms of christmas from christ* for searching.   This 
works in standard PhiloLogic notion with AND, OR, NOT.  BUTNOT is 
proposed because the NOT operator in PhiloLogic functions as a 
proximity NOT, so "NOT christ jesus NOT christ", finds instances of 
jesus when not preceded or followed by christ -- the personal jesus.  
Try "christ.* BUTNOT christ[im].*" (no quotes). Concise notation
"christ.*|-christ[im].*" (Note the final ".*" required to distinguish
from "[im]*").

Ajax note handler ... a configuration selectable note displayer
that uses Ajax to get the note from the server and taggle display
in the text rather than a pop-up browser window.  Example:
Works for ARTFL TEI formatted note tags and ATE (see beyond the 
pale below).

An experimental OS-X GUI loader.  For those allergic to command
line computing, this is an alternative to the command line loader and
offers options.  Proof-of-concept at this point.  

Finally, added code chunks and readmes to our code "junkyard"
(actually goodies/) to handle many custom applications, such as 
dirty OCR search and reporting, virtual normalization, dictionary
display support, and many romanization search functions.

Next development round: internationalization.  We are planning to
release PhiloLogic 3.1 with multiple language interface support in
June '06.  

Do let us know if you have comments, suggestions, and most importantly,
bug reports to [log in to unmask]

TEI Lifers! And you know who you are.  To avoid gastric distress, 
including but not limited to loosing your lunch, or other unpleasant 
reactions, delete this now.  And never look back.  :-)

We have added new philoload and philo-db.cfg options, texttype.
This is to support NON-TEI encoding schemes, or lack of encoding
schemes, depending on your point of view.  

By popular demand, "plaintext".  Yes indeed, we have had people ask
for it to be included in PhiloLogic.  Tested on Gutenberg and 
Liberliber documents.  Character conversion to UTF-8 from whatever 
character encoding you might get them in is *strongly recommended*, because 
we can have result pages that mix materials from different documents.  
Example, Gutenberg Spanish and German documents:
Note that PhiloLogic will handle earlier character representations,
but some modification to headers, etc. would be required.

Prototype support for DocBook.  Could be extended if there is interest.
Again, proposed by a PhiloLogic user/hacker.  Example:
This is not fully supported, but could be if there is sufficient demand.

And finally ... you guessed it HTML.  Well ATE.  ARTFL Text Encoding.  
This is/was an intermediate internal encoding scheme consisting of 
Dublin Core headers, HTML (reasonably handled), with optional tagging 
for things like pages, notes, sentences, and so on, very lightly 
documented at   Example:
Caveat emptor: PhiloLogic will probably load arbitrary HTML, but this 
may not always work, particularly if you have use of <h[1-N] tags in 
unexpected order.  

Russ, Robert, Orion and Mark
The ARTFL Project