I'm experimenting with different ways of marking up a runic text. I've a
couple of overlapping markups, although by being very careful I seem to
be able to avoid overlapping hierarchies.

One of the things I want to do is encode roman equivalents for each
runic symbol. I was experimenting originally with doing this word by
word, but character by character might actually be better for me as it
is more atomic.

I have two questions, one practical and one theoretical I suppose:

1) I'm getting a validation error when I do the following:


tei:choice should accept all tei elements as children, right?

2) Sometimes a single runic letter represents sounds spelled by two
characters in roman script (especially diphthongs). Is tei:c the right
element to use for what you might argue is some kind of ortho-phonemic
translation. It isn't quite orthography to phonemics since we are going
from one standard period spelling to another, but it isn't character to
character either. I imagine syllabics to roman translation would have
the same issue.
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