On Thu, 2006-09-03 at 15:09 -0500, Tim Finney wrote:
> I would like to see <choice> able to take two or more <alt>ernatives. In
> one school of thought, the obverse of 'unclear' is 'clear.' In another,
> less constrained, universe there are many parallel unclears.

There isn't a constraint on the number of unclears choice can have, is

As I think I said here, my own believe is that choice's current model
has been influenced partially by legacy issues. I.e. we already have a
<abbr> and <expan> tag, so we don't have a
<abbreviation><short_form>x</short_form><long_form>xy</long_form></abbreviation> and similar for correction, emendation, and the like.

But in an ideal world we would construct a model where tei:choice is to
tei:app and pseudo-tei:abbreviation and pseudo-tei:correction, as tei:ab
is to tei:p and tei:l, and tei:seg is to tei:abbr, tei:c, and tei:w.

This would mean it would have the global type attribute, and it would be
allowed to contain any chunk, inter, or phrase level elements (i.e.
really live up to having ab and seg in its content model). Semantic
restrictions on the content model would then be expressed, as in our
other generic/specific elements sets by confections containing more
specific semantic values: <abbreviation>, <correction>, <apparatus>, and
the like.

The problem with the current choice model in my view is that it creates
a general class that is restricted to a few small types of children...
or any arbitrary phrase, but noting in between. I can think of many
other things than abbreviations and the like that can exist in
simultaneous, alternate markup.

> E.g.
> He possessed
> <choice><alt>nuclear</alt><alt>unclear</alt><alt>invisible</alt></choice> WMDs.
> Best
> Tim Finney
> On Thu, 2006-03-09 at 11:21 -0700, Dan O'Donnell wrote:
> > I don't remember what the janus pair of unclear would be, but you can
> > certainly see that it might mark a point of simultaneous markup... maybe
> > <unclear><supplied>?
> > 
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