GARY Hoffman wrote:
> least 2 years.  The DTD seems to be fine. The XSL files, however, are
> based on an old version of stylesheets developed by Sebastian Rahtz. For
> example, the file named "booklet.xsl" imports a file named
> "tei/teihtml2.xsl".  I could not find the latter in any of the folders
> of the most recent iteration of Sebastian's stylesheets for TEI (P4 or
> P5). Two questions: (1) What is the current equivalent to
> "teihtml2.xsl"? (I guess)

but the name "teihtml2.xsl" does not actually ring bells with me.

I'd always switch to TEI P5 for a new project; but that's not a
_compelling_ reason.
Sebastian Rahtz

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