I'd like to add a caveat and question to this thread.

For the benefit of the wider language resources and digital libraries
movements, I would plead that the TEI community avoid tailoring lists of
examples/illustrations as private communications to any particular digital
library vendor. Helping one powerful vendor to bring a TEI-conformant and
Unicode-aware product to market could create difficulties for researchers
who, for lack of resources or because of their affiliation, do not have
access to that particular DL product.

There are already pointers/references to 126 "Projects Using the TEI"
(freely available at I wonder why the
existing metadata could not be captured and exploited to provide a working
union catalog of TEI-encoded texts, illustrating a diverse range of document
types, and as much of the full Unicode standard as is currently known to be
implemented, and then made searchable from the TEI Consortium site, to
provide an open information resource for software developers, digital
library projects, & diverse independent researchers.

Isn't someone interested in doing this?

Grace Wiersma
Cataloging & Metadata Services
MIT Libraries

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Hi all,

I'd like to advise the TEI community to respond broadly to this  
request from DiMeMa, Inc.  CONTENTdm is widely used in the library  
communities, and it would be a great help to the TEI community to  
have good support in CONTENTdm for TEI.  Ideally, we can supply them  
with plenty and diverse documents, so they are aware that the TEI  
world, even the library TEI world, is not restricted to TEI Lite.  It  
would also be useful to send them examples representing a variety of  
languages/scripts with lots of non-Latin Unicode ranges represented.   
I'll be sending examples from our Swinburne Archive and other  
projects and encourage others to participate in this effort.

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On Mar 1, 2006, at 12:50 PM, Lou's Laptop wrote:

> The TEI Applications page is  
> probably the best place to start looking for such materials.
> Peter MacDonald wrote:
>> DiMeMa, Inc., the developers of CONTENTdm, which is a popular  
>> digital collection management system, has shown an interest in  
>> supporting documents encoded in TEI. They asked me to send them  
>> some examples of TEI-encoded documents for their developers to  
>> examine.
>> The only TEI-encoded documents I have to send them from my own  
>> collection are some manuscript letters and some journal articles.  
>> I am not very experienced in TEI encoding and hesitate to send  
>> them my own files.
>> I'd really like to send them a link to a more "official" set of  
>> TEI-encoded pages that can demonstrate to DiMeMa the wide range of  
>> document types that can be encoded in TEI and that have been  
>> encoded by experienced users of the TEI.
>> Can anyone point me to such a page or Web site?
>> If not, I guess I could just send them links to guidelines such as  
>> the following:
>> or, point them to pages from the TEI P4 guidelines that discuss  
>> various kinds of documents:
>> (default structure)
>> (prose)
>> (verse)
>> (drama)
>> (speech)
>> (dictionaries)
>> (terminological databases)
>> FYI: DiMema's Home page:
>> Thank you,
>> Peter
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