Hi all,
catching up with the thread about <seg type="character"> != <c> I went 
and had a look at chapter 29 ("Modifying and Customizing the TEI DTD") 
of TEI P5 and noticed it hasn't been fully revised yet. A little 
suggestion about the chapter, rigth at the beginning it reads

"There are several kinds of modification that can be made to the TEI DTD 
as follows:

    1. deletion of elements;
    2. renaming of elements;
    3. extension of classes;
    4. modification of content models or attribute lists."

What's conspicuosly missing is the *addition* of elements, which is IMHO 
one of the most common types of modification one might want to perform 
(see the above thread and similar ones). I hope the revised version will 
consider this topic in detail, too.

I also noticed that there are other two other places where the TEI 
customization issue is dealt with, i.e. "Getting started with P5 ODDs" 
( and the "Documentation Elements" 
chapter (; 
OTOH, the currently available customization software (Roma) is only 
mentioned in the former and not in the proper Guidelines. I feel a bit 
confused by this distribution of information, I hope the P5 goal of 
"user extensions simplified" will be reached. Of course it could just be 
that you (=TEI editors) are going to put it all in place with the next 
release of P5, so feel free to correct me.


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