Hi all,

I have a linux/oxygen question that some experienced Oxygen users on
this list might be able to help with. Please forgive the TAN, but I need
to get a text encoded right away, and am hoping I can avoid an overnight
wait from Oxygen support

I have a text entirely in runes which I want to encode in P4. The font
used in the original document was Junicode with is Unicode compliant.
And when I cut and paste the text into the document editor, Oxygen is
recognising the unicode code points.

The problem is that the default text font in Oxygen doesn't have any
characters at these code points. I've installed Junicode and checked
that it is available to programs. When I view the text in Open Office, I
can select Junicode as a font for the characters.

There is a way in Oxygen of changing the default fonts for the editor,
the text, or the GUI. But I can't seem to point Oxygen to the right
font. When I go to Options>Preferences>Fonts, I am given a list of
fonts, but none of the ones I just installed. I've checked the directory
is listed in the fonts.cache-1 file in the parent, and, as I say, they
are showing up in other programs. I've also restarted Oxygen several
times, logged out and back in of Gnome, and just tried a reboot, all to
no avail.

Is there something special one needs to do to get Oxygen to recognise a
fonts directory, or does it gets its fonts from somewhere special? I've
got everything in /usr/share/fonts/truetype/windowsfonts/ The fonts were
installed using mkfontdir and fc-cache.

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