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Two jobs in the XML team at CCH, King's College London

The Centre for Computing in the Humanities is both a department with
responsibility for its own academic programme and a research centre
promoting the appropriate application of computing in humanities research.
In its latter capacity, it is involved as technical research partner in a
wide range of humanities projects that draw on a number of different
technologies. In many of these, the underlying data is stored primarily in
XML and then published electronically via the World Wide Web. It is often
necessary to produce print editions from the source data, or to merge XML
data with image-based or database materials.

CCH is seeking applicants for the following positions within this activity:


1. Research Fellow, XML Publication Strategies

Full-time, 12 months
Closing date for applications: 11 April 2006
Reference: W2/AAV/25/06

The successful candidate to this position would be required to analyse
collections of richly tagged XML documents; to design, write and modify
programs to search, query, retrieve and display them; and to collaborate in
the creation of integrated HTML-based interfaces to publish them.

Experience in creating and manipulating XML documents in a range of
XML-related standards and technologies (DTDs, XPath, XSLT) is essential, as
is familiarity with standards-compliant HTML/XHTML and CSS. Awareness of
emerging XML technologies (XSLT 2.0, XQuery and Schemas) is highly

Proven experience in creating dynamic XML-based applications using
technologies such as Cocoon would be a *significant* advantage.

We are looking for someone with a proven ability to learn programming skills
quickly, who can work both independently and within a team environment. The
successful candidate should have good communication skills and the ability
to document their work in clear written English.

Experience in any or all of the following areas would be useful: Web design
and programming technologies (Java, Javascript); high-level programming
languages for text manipulation (especially Perl); database programming
(SQL); Unix/Linux systems, shell programming; editors and text utilities;
management of digitised images.

This appointment is on the RFII scale, currently ranging from 27,929 to
36,959 per annum plus of 2,323 London Allowance.


2. Project Research Officer

Full-time, 6 months
Closing date for applications:  28 March 2006
Reference: W1/AAV/24/06

CCH is looking for someone to assist with the technical development work in
research projects. We are looking for someone with experience of editing
XML; experience in marking up documents using the Text Encoding Initiative
guidelines; and with XSLT programming. Also, a thorough grounding in
developing well-structured web sites, being proficient in HTML and XHTML.

The successful candidate will have a good understanding of how research is
conducted in the humanities and social sciences, and of working with a
multi-skilled technical development team. She/he will be working as part of
the CCH project group, and will need to be able to work effectively as part
of the team, as well as independently. She/he must have a bachelor degree in
an appropriate discipline, and a postgraduate or specialist qualification is

This appointment is on the RA1A scale, currently ranging from 20,044 to
30,002 per annum plus of 2,323 London Allowance.


For further details and application forms please see: