Fiona Oliver wrote:
> However, we need an entirely new set of topics and associations that 
> are not descriptive, but interpretive, which we can apply to language
> objects as well as actual things. For example, a few words or lines 
> of text may exemplify the author's treatment of a particular concept,
> or show the influence of one or more other authors, works, moods, 
> ideas etc.

Probably nothing that you could actually use, but it may be close to 
what you're doing: I have been working on an index of metaphors which 
uses an ontology in OWL for its backbone. It is available at This is work in 

Possibly of interest: Amélie Zöllner-Weber recently wrote an interesting 
article about an ontology for the description of characters in literary 
works, again in OWL: 'Formale Repräsentation und Beschreibung von 
literarischen Figuren' (Jahrbuch für Computerphilologie - online, at

Good luck,
Peter Boot