Michael Beddow a écrit :
> Jean-Luc Benoit wrote:
> [...]
>> Is there a solution to keep a rich categorisation in my file?
> "a" is something of a numerical underestimate.

I understand the difficulties in well obtaining linguistics terms 
accepted by all the linguists. It is undoubtedly an impossible mission.: 
-) But when the TEI started to reflect on these recommendations to 
describe the literary texts,  spoken texts,  dictionaries,  lexicons, 
the task was considerable. And the result is creditable. 

the question is ("the" is something of underestimate ) :
* Does there exist a request of the linguists to work on categorized 
corpora ?  
* Is  technically realizable ? (an annotated file is very heavy).

By reading BNC DTD, I noted that I could inspire some to me for a French 

Perhaps would be necessary it to launch a total dialogue on the subject 
and to arrive to built recommendations to enrich the chapter concerning 
the linguistic annotations ?

Best regards,

Jean-Luc Benoit