Lou Burnard wrote:
>> I agree that this would be desirable.
>> ...
>> So whatever we set up, I expect there would need to be a
>> choice of options with regards to redistribution.

I agree with Sebastian Ratz AND with Lou Burnard's points of view.
It is important to bundle together texts and rights to use with all digital ressources.
I propose to try to systematicaly associate with each "object"
(text, corpus...) deposited, or published or referenced here, a status of
responsibility with respect to the authorized usage
granted by the fact of being publicized this way.
This could be done with, for example, two different policies :
A- reject any text without any explicit authorization of use bundled to it ;
B- associate a full access and diffusion status to any text
deposited without any explicit authorization of use.

The Creative Commons context can be an interesting framework
to express any "explicit authorization of use".

I propose to start to build and edit a list of "usages", that
specific clauses or contract or licences should use.

This list could be made up by a combination of mentions of :
a- distribute anywhere, or to specific target, or locally, or not
b- do whatever usage, or just the one needed for a specific project, or don't alter
c- mention of origin, or not
d- transmit mention of origin, or not
e- explicit mention of licence agreement, or not
f- transmit mention of licence agreement

It would also be nice to try to also explicit who is emitting the object and
to whom it is supposed to be granted licence. But this can be difficult
to do.


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