Nice. There's nothing better for the IAL movement as a whole than when a person gets to retire. I find the best way for me to get something done that isn't work-related is to take my laptop to a coffee shop for the day. I'm not allowed to doze off there or do anything unproductive (because then I would just look silly, having brought a computer just so that I can fool around). It's also easy to meet people there and the subject of what you're working on would likely come up.

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Not to mention Fujiyama.  Anyhow, this is a very good point.  I don't
really speak anything but English, but I know a lot of vocabulary items
from everywhere, and I'm sure that's true of people in general.

If and when I have time (I retire in 129 days) I hope to do a Tceqli
dictionary that is very etymological, using this principle to the fullest,
as an aid to memorization.  If I tell you that Tceqli for 'see' is 'caw', I
think you'll remember it better if I tell you it's from German 'Schauen'.
Likewise with 'dwa' from French 'je dois,' 'tciq' from Mandarin 'Ching,'
and balu from the Jungle Books.