Dana Nutter skribis je 2006.03.18 7.41 ptm...
> li [Donald J. HARLOW] mi tulis la
>>50.4% 2242  Esperanto
>>19.8%  879  German
>>17.6%  784  English
>>  5.4%  240  Situation as now
>>  3.9%  173  French
>>  1.8%   79  Others (unidentified)
>>  1.1%   51  Spanish
> Except these polls are non-scientific.  

Oh, yes. See my earlier posting on this subject, and my two-year-old 
blog entry ("Voting on Marriage") whose address I give in the same 
message, and in which I mention two earlier such polls.

It appears to me that a group of Esperantist shills jumped online after 
hearing of the poll.
If somewhat more than two thousand people constitutes a "group", yes, 
this is pretty much what happened, or so I would guess. (Note: I don't 
think that multiple votes were permitted. The first time I went to the 
page there was no information about the status of the votes, just a set 
of radio buttons and a submission button. Every time I went back after 
voting, I never got the voting page again, always the results page. 
Apparently a cookie is set.)

One wonders what happened to the shills for the other mentioned 
languages, all of which have lots and lots of mailing lists in which the 
same information could be posted that was posted to, again, a dozen or 
so Esperanto mailing lists. (I also get the impression that a lot of the 
161 comments posted to the site are pro-Esperanto, but it's kind of hard 
to tell, since I don't read German all that well; a very few of the 
comments are in Esperanto, none of the ones I saw were in English.)