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> Jens - Since our posts crossed I wasn't aware that 
> you had carried out radical surgery on Dunia Patwa.
> Even with the CVVN syllable structure and 
> consonant clusters the elimination of 8 phonemes
> seems pretty drastic. 

Well, I haven't given up on DP at all. I'm much too
indecisive to be able to do something so drastic. :-)
I just invented a new language, called "neo patwa." 

The rationale for doing so isn't an abandoning of the
pidgin -> creole model at all. Basically, it's based
on the idea that I've long held (I've always been a
bit of two minds on this) that whereas most pidgins
are created by people from two major linguistic
backgrounds (there are exceptions like Hawaii, where
people from different Asian countries with quite
different phonologies were involved). Whereas for a
global pidgin, we will have people who are native
speakers of languages in dozens of different language
*families*, so phonologically it may present greater

But like I said initially, this is really a new
experiment, and doesn't mean I've given up on DP (or
Gaja for that matter) at all. 

Jens Wilkinson

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