In 60 years, the average lifespan could be as much as 100 years:

Looks like we're slowly turning into elves. I myself am 26 but have spent the last six years living in Asia and learning languages, and still haven't started university, though I might next year as there's one in Seoul that gives a free 4-year scholarship and is about 15 minutes away from where I live. I'm going to Qingdao in China tomorrow for three weeks too. 64 doesn't seem to be all that old anymore. Remember Count Dooku from Episode III and all his swordplay? Played by Christopher Lloyd who is in his 80s.

Hm, as for the poll, it's pretty much exactly what I don't like - the perception that there's only one candidate. We need to get rid of that if we are to get anywhere. At the very least, the average person should know about the concept of an IAL, that there are many of them, that two others besides Esperanto have a stable user base, and that besides that there is a huge variety to look at.