Paul, I usually press Enter/Return
whenever I feel like my eyes have
had enough of a series of words
on display and need a physical
break from it all... new line new
recharge. Have my messages
not been displaying properly on
your machine? I'm curious to see
how this one shows up and if it
comes out mangled up please
let me know. Sometimes I use
an ascii-text-reader which interprets
a line without a return  as a continuous
line that goes on and on and on...
sort of like I'm rambling on now
except without the line end and
return. Ok, enough for now to
have you be able to give me some
idea of how this will display on your
machine... or anyone elses for that
matter. It should be a thin column
of text with about five or so words
per line. Que no?

With regards,
Jay B.

Auxilingua Project
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