John Vertical <[log in to unmask]> writes:
> > >>In Finnish, there are two words for "but" and the choice of which to use
> > >>depends on the degree of contrast.
> > >
> > >Two? I can't think of anything else than "mutta".
> >
> >vaan
> Doh. Of course. :)
> I wouldn't say it's a question of the degree of contrast, however; my
> gut feeling is that "vaan" is used only in "not A but B"
> constructions, and "mutta" in other (conjunctive) contexts.

Maybe like German 'aber'/'sondern' contrast?

 Ich bin kein Finne,   sondern Deutscher.
 I   am  no   Finnish  but     German

 En    ole suomalainen, vaan olen saksalainen.
 I.not be  Finnish      but  German


 Ich bin Finne,   spreche aber Deutsch
 I   am  Finnish  speak   but  German

 Olen suomalainen, mutta puhun   saksaa. Finnish      but   I.speak German.

Maybe it is this kind of contrast?  I cannot exactly formalise the
German contrast, however, but it seems 'not A but B' is at least
close.  Hopefully someone else knows rules -- I don't as it's my L1...

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