Roger Mills wrote:
>John Vertical wrote:
> > Well, nothing L1-shattering, but from time to time I've realized that 
> > been completely mispronouncing various English words ... eg. <demon> 
> > /i/, <devil> with /E/ and not the other way 'round.
>Eh?? nothing wrong there, standard: demon ['dimn=], devil ['dEvl=].
>Or did you mean to say that you pronounce ['dEmn=], ['divl=] ??

Yeah... that came out wrong. I managed to miss an "I was surprized to learn 
that..." along the way.

I blame the fact that Finnish has "demoni" (with /e/), but no cognate for 
"devil", so the latter ends up going along normal English spelling rules. 
And of course it also happens to be one of those words which should have a 
dubbelconsonant but fail to...

"Deviled" is still /dEvIld/, for some reason.

John Vertical