Mark J. Reed wrote:

> One thing that I only became aware of after reading JC Wells' book is
> that there are several sounds I had thought of as foreign, non-English
> sounds, that actually occur in my own everyday variety of English!
> This came as something as a shock, (snip)
> "Queen" may be /kwin/ phonemically, but it comes out as
> [k_w_hi~J_}].

Are you sure about that [J]?? Personally, my tongue-tip ends up on the 
alv.ridge.  (Uh-oh, feels like YAEPT......?)

The only oddity I've noticed (and only in the past few years) is that many 
of us actually have a French [H] in "situation" [sIts'HeiSn=]or 
[sItS'HeiSn=], which seems to be old-- one has heard dialect parodies with 

Re "hors d'oeuvres" (sp?)-- many years ago I heard a guy do a country-ish 
ditty that began "How'bout them whore doobers, ain't they a treat/ little 
piece-a cheese, little piece-a meat...." :-))))))